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Hi! I am Nicola, or Nicky if you're more comfortable with that. I am originally from South Africa, but have been living in Northern Ireland for the past 10 years with my husband and 3 sons.

I love working with women, helping and encouraging them to go after their passions and dreams. I went to an all girls school, studied Health and Beauty Therapy, worked with women in salons, and lectured for a time predominantly with women. I love relating to women, sharing in their stories and having compassion and empathy for the journeys we are all on.

Family has become the most important priority for me - being a wife and a mom is what fulfills me as a person. I left the beauty world to focus on building my family where I home-schooled my boys over the next 16 years.

​Falling pregnant and becoming a mom was probably the most life changing experience of my life . I loved watching my body change and feeling life grow within me. I gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made.

My birthing experience was supportive, gentle, overwhelming and totally against the grain of traditional birth of the day. I used water for pain relief and to birth each of my children. I wish I had known more of the value of movement, whether walking, swaying, dancing or bouncing.

​Today my sons are getting ready to spread their wings and leave our nest which fills me with pride and excitement (as well as a touch of apprehension) to see how their futures will unfold.

I have taken the time now to start exploring my dreams of becoming a doula - to support, help and encourage people like YOU achieve the best possible birth experience you can.

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