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Here are some commonly asked questions I've had asked about my services. If you have any others, please contact me and I will get back to you.

What Is a Doula?

​She is a non-medical person who complements your support and medical team, bringing physical, emotional and informational support to you. She ensures you are empowered to choose what you feel most comfortable with so you can feel confident and comfortable to have the birth experience you desire. Her services can extend into the "fourth" trimester helping you settle into your new role as Mummy.

​Does a Doula Replace my Partner?

​Absolutely not!!!

The love and connection between you and your partner can never be replaced by a doula. She can actually enhance the role of the partner. The combined assistance of the doula and partner; as well as the competent medical team, gives you the best chance of an optimal birth outcome.

Does a Doula only assist in labour?

​Depending on her training, you can receive prenatal support, labour and birth support, postnatal support, as well as childbirth training.

Will a Doula be with me for my entire labour and delivery?

​Depending on the terms agreed on, she can be by your side from early, active labour and support you until your baby is delivered and you are in the postnatal ward ready to continue the bonding process.

Is There any Evidence to Support Hiring a Doula?

​"The mothers who had the support of a doula were more likely to feel that they coped well with labour and to feel childbirth had a positive effect on their feelings as a woman and on their physical strength and performance."
Gordon et al., 1998

"36% reduction in use of pain medication
51% reduction in c-section
71% reduction in use of oxytocin
57% reduction in forcep delivery
An average of 1hr38min shorter labour"
American Journal of obstetrics and gynecology 180 No5 (1999):1054-1059

​Does One Doula Suit Everyone?

​No, not in my opinion. Each doula has a unique style. If you're considering a doula, look around and meet a couple before you commit. You need to like and trust your doula, know she gets you and values your thoughts and ideas. As the client you shouldn't need to adjust to your doula, she needs to adjust to you and your needs.

​Would I Need A Doula If I'm Having a Medicated or Caesar Birth?

​I would say a doula is of great value in these circumstances. Anxiety levels are high, so the doula can re-assure you and your partner of procedures and expected outcomes. She can inform and assist you with any side effects of medication; she can give creative comfort measures when there is limited movement, and she can suggest alternatives in the operating room, eg skin to skin as soon as possible

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