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Postnatal Care
The Fourth Trimester

"Birth isn't just delivering a baby, it's making a mother ~ sacrificing, strong, capable, patient, yielding and long suffering"

We, as a society, often forget that during the postnatal period the new mummy needs to relax and recuperate, not take on extra responsibilities, and adjust to her new role. Her main focus should be bonding with her baby, and establishing a good breastfeeding partnership if she has chosen to breastfeed. This is where I can be of help and assistance, supporting you in your transition, caring for you and your needs so you can focus on on the needs of yourself and your baby.

Although I am there mainly for the mom, I really provide support to all members of the family, ensuring they settle and transition well.

If mummy is cared for and helped with daily tasks, her questions answered, and concerns addressed, then she is calm, rested and empowered. This will greatly reduce her chances of baby blues or postnatal depression, and her transitioning will be manageable, giving her strength and confidence in her parenting decisions and choices.

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